Food and garden organics

Resident gardening


Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) is a kerbside collection service that will start in 2025 and allow food scraps to be added to the green bin.

The NSW Government has been rolling out FOGO services across NSW since 2013, with 34 regional councils currently running the program. In addition, councils are bound to NSW Government targets to divert 75% of waste from landfill. Maitland is currently achieving 37% diversion across the green and yellow bins, which will increase to 50% upon implementing FOGO in 2025.

Food waste avoidance workshops

Good for the Hood Workshops

In 2023, we partnered with Good in the Hood for a series of workshops which unpacked the challenges, opportunities and tools to change how we see, understand and use food. These explored the ways we create delicious food, how to avoid food waste and how it helps our community.

You can check out recordings of each of the sessions below.


What to do with your garden organics

Correctly disposing of your garden organics waste is important for protecting remnant vegetation across Maitland. Garden organics are any material that grows in your garden.

Here's how you should dispose of your garden waste:

  • Collect and dispose of your garden organics into your green lid garden organics bin
  • Establish a compost bin or area on your property to make your own mulch and compost
  • Mulch grass clippings from your mower straight back onto the lawn
  • Do not dispose of your garden organics over your fence or into local bushland.

Learn more about disposing of garden organics via our education factsheet.