Missed, damaged or stolen bins


Missed bin

Your bin may not be collected if it is overfilled, over the weight limit, contains mixed waste, or is not a Council issued bin. If this is the case, a brightly coloured sticker will be placed on your uncollected bin detailing the reason. Your bin may also not have been placed on the kerb in time.

If one of your bins was missed but didn’t receive a sticker notifying you of an issue, you can report it. Your collection issue will then be reviewed using our truck's onboard cameras to determine the issue.

Damaged bin

If one of your bins has been damaged, we can come to your property to repair or replace it. Once you make a report, leave the damaged bin on your kerbside for Council staff to inspect.

Bin spill

If your bin was spilled, or you’ve noticed a rubbish mess elsewhere on a street, let us know and we’ll clean it up.

Stolen or lost bin

If you think one of your bins has been stolen, or you have somehow lost your bin, you can organise a replacement bin.

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