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Who manages my bin collection?


Red general waste bin
Managed by Maitland City Council.

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Hunter Resource Recovery Yellow Bin

Yellow recycling bin
Managed by Hunter Resource Recovery.

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Solo Resource Recovery Green Bin

Green garden organics bin
Managed by Solo Resource Recovery.

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Placing bins out for collection

There are some important things you should remember when putting out your bins at night ready for collection.

  • Place them out on time
    Place your bins out on the kerbside the evening before, or prior to 4.30am, on your collection day
  • Don’t overfill
    Don’t overfill your bin. Make sure the lid can fully close.
  • Nothing extra
    Don’t place rubbish beside or on top of your bin.
  • Correct weight
    Ensure your bin weighs less than 80kg.
  • Correct spacing
    Space your bins 0.5-1m apart.
  • Easy to access
    Place your bins away from any parked cars, overhanging trees, electricity poles or letter boxes.

What goes in my bins?

Find out what items you can and can’t put in each of your bins.

Collection issues

If there are issues with your bin collection, let us know by reporting missed, damaged or stolen bins

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