Using Maitland Waste Facility

Maitland Resource Recovery facility

Contact and opening hours

Phone: 02 4934 1888


Location: Maitland Resource Recovery Facility, 109 Mount Vincent Road, East Maitland

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 8.15AM - 4.00PM (no entry after 3.45pm)

Public Holidays and Closures: The site is closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day, and for dangerous weather conditions such as strong winds.

Open status

Occasionally extreme weather forces us to close the tip face. Check our live updates if you're unsure of the current open status.

Disposal fees

All prices include the NSW EPA Waste Levy of $163.20 per tonne and GST.


Domestic or commercial waste
per 100kgs
Demolition and construction waste
per 100kgs

Bookings required. Conditions apply.

per 100kgs
Dead animals
per 100kgs
Virgin excavated natural material
per 100kgs
Bulk polystyrene
per 100kgs
Soil, sand or gravel
per 100kgs


Yellow recycling bin

Cardboard, cans, glass, plastic etc.

if under 60kgs
per 100kgs if over 60kgs
Electronic waste
if under 60kgs
per 100kgs if over 60kgs
Concrete, bricks, roof tiles
per 100kgs
per item
Scrap metal
Lead acid batteries
Fridges, freezers and air conditioners
per unit
Motor oil

Max 20L per visit


Max 100L per visit

Small tyres

Tyres up to 600mm

without rims
with rim
Medium tyres

Tyres from 601 to 800mm

per tyre
Large tyres

Tyres over 801mm

per 100kgs
Gas bottles

Vegetation and timber

per 100kgs

Treated/non-treated, painted/non-painted and with/without nails

per 100kg


Use of weighbridge

Closed weekends


Prohibited items

The following materials are not accepted at our Waste Centre: 

  • Liquid waste
    e.g. Automotive fluids, garden sprays.
  • Radioactive material
  • Explosives
  • Medical waste
    e.g. Sharps, disposable masks, bandages, blood.
  • Hazardous wastes and toxic substances
    e.g. Pesticides, oxidising agends, organic peroxides, corrosive substances.
Restricted Waste

Concessions for charitable or not for profit organisations

If you’re part of a charitable or not for profit organisation, you can dispose of up to 20 tonnes of waste for free. Each charitable or not for profit organisation must have a valid Community Service Exemption from the NSW EPA.

Create an account at the Waste Facility

If you want to dispose of more than 20 tonnes, you must create a waste disposal account at the Waste Facility.

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