Maitland Administration Centre

Maitland Administration Centre

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Available Features

  • Bookable Space
  • Free WiFi
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  • Toilets

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm

Located at 263 High Street, Maitland, the new building is across the road from the Maitland Regional Art Gallery and incorporates the 19th century Town Hall Café, accessible from the foyer of the Centre.

Please remember that we are now cashless at the Maitland Administration Centre.

Artwork at the Maitland Administration Centre

And so it goes, 2022

This stop motion animation digital projection was commissioned as part of the construction of the Maitland Administration Centre and is projected onto the heritage Town Hall Café each night. Each slide is drawn, rubbed out, changed and then photographed to create the projection. The artwork is created from the stories of four locals who have lived, played and worked in and around the site.

The artist Todd Fuller created the artwork about Maitland, by and with Maitland, for Maitland.

Todd Fuller
Digital video: chalk, charcoal and acrylic animation on paper
Courtesy of .M Contemporary
Stories courtesy of Aunty Marge Weastell, Paul Soo, Vicki Cosentino and Tim Mallon
Dramaturg: Ann Croger
Actors courtesy of Upstage Youth Theatre