Blue green algae

Blue Green Algae can bloom in our rivers and waterways and it needs to be avoided as it produces toxins that are harmful to your health, animals and livestock.

Blue Green Algae species are the only group of algae that can be toxic in freshwater. Council undertakes monthly monitoring of Blue Green Algae at Walka Water Works, Telarah Lagoon and Rathluba Lagoon.

Blue Green Algae blooms can be recognised as a discolouration of the water, by scum on the water surface or a paint like slick, or by an earthy or musty odour coming from the water. Should you notice considerable blue green algae blooms that are of concern please contact Council's environment team on 02 4934 9700.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries provides further algal information or to find out about current recreational alerts phone the NSW algal hotline on 1800 999 457.

What can you do to reduce the risk of algal blooms?

  • Ensure that garden and lawn clippings are raked up and aren't washed into stormwater drains during rain
  • Rather than hosing paths, use a broom
  • Stop soils and excess fertiliser from your garden and lawn running into our stormwater drains
  • Wash your car on the lawn to reduce sediments and detergents running into the stormwater drain
  • Pick up after your pet has defecated.