Where do rates go?

It's difficult to list everything that your rates contribute to each year, but we've given it a go in any case.

Rates make up about 50% of Council’s total income each year. With more than 30,000 rate payers in Maitland, this is a considerable amount of money that goes towards the many services and infrastructure that we enjoy as a community.

The money is used for things like libraries, street lighting, waste services, swimming pools, roads, parks, sporting fields, and to provide and maintain facilities and services.

While rates generate a significant amount of money, unfortunately it can’t cover everything. The balance of Council's income is made up of grant and development contribution funding, user fees and charges for a range of services including hiring community halls and sportsgrounds, as well as interest and investment revenue.

Council's Delivery Program details the projects and services that Council is planning to deliver over a four year term. The program also includes both the Capital Works Plan and Fees and Charges.

The amount that rates contribute to Council's total income
30,000 +
Number or ratepayers