Abbot Street works ongoing

Abbot Street works ongoing

Works on the Abbot Street Project started in early March.

The project includes pavement construction to increase the width of the road to 15 metres. Once complete, the road will include parking lanes, an on road cycleway and wider travel lanes, a shared path from High Street to Rose Street and stormwater drainage upgrades.

To date, all drainage works have been completed. Pavement works have commenced and are well underway between High Street and Ward Street. Work on the shared path between Ward Street and Rose Street has also begun.

The project has also featured a number of environmentally friendly aspects including use of a recycled glass product for bedding and compaction around piping and a recycled gravel product is also being utilised for the base course, a layer of material in the pavement.

The project is expected to wrap up in November.

Other major reconstructions

Allandale Road

Over the next 12 months, Council will invest over $1 million into pavement rehabilitation works and road safety upgrades along Allandale Road. The road links Lochinvar and the Hunter Expressway and is seen as a crucial linkage road in the city’s west.

Tocal Road

In the past ten years Maitland City Council has reconstructed 6.6 kilometres of the 8.7 kilometre stretch of Tocal Road. Over the next 12 months $1.4 million will go towards road reconstruction and realignment of one of the final segments between Hilldale Road and Maitland Vale Road.

Morpeth Road

Over the next 12 months, various upgrades will be made along Morpeth Road, which is a continuation of works from last year. Over $800,000 will go towards the works including pavement strengthening and the relocation of a major water main.