Treasuring Maitland's environment

Treasuring Maitland's environment

Tuesday was World Environment Day, so it is a chance to reflect on our changing climate, our natural environment and think about why it’s so crucial that we as a Council get our environmental messages and programs right.

Just last week we had a couple of very important events, including the Maitland Environmental Youth Forum at Walka Water Works and the screening of the film BLUE at Town Hall, which was presented by Environmentalist Tim Silverwood.

The Youth Forum brought together local students who learnt about a range of different things relating to the environment. It highlighted the important role our environmental officers do with local schools each year through the schools environment program. It was fantastic to see many local students engaged in the discussion about our environment and what they all can do now and into the future.

The growth of Maitland and our population brings with it many great opportunities, but it also raises a range of challenges, with one of the biggest a responsibility to ensure we all take care of the local environment. Maitland is blessed to have so many special environmental assets and we must nurture them. Environmental assets such as the Hunter River, Walka, our local lagoons, floodplains and all the rich farmland are just a few of the many environmental jewels that we have in our crown.

It is imperative that we look after our natural environment now and into the future. Every small action does count so please, do your bit for our town and together we can ensure we maintain and enrich our wonderful natural assets and beautiful landscapes, so that generations to come can enjoy them just as much as we do today.