Maitland Greening Plan

The Maitland Greening Plan has been developed to provide a strategic framework for the future management of vegetation in Maitland.

The Maitland Greening Plan is a local response to the global issue of vegetation clearance and biodiversity loss, and the range of land degradation issues that result from such actions.

Adopted in 2002, the plan outlines strategies that focus on protecting existing vegetation, whilst rehabilitating and restoring the local environment to address specific land degradation issues. The greening plan and its appendix focuses on the vegetation that remains in the Maitland Local Government Area, whilst also providing a strategy for revegetation works.

Since the plan was implemented major projects have been completed at Tenambit Wetlands, Woodberry Wetlands, across the endangered Lowland Redgum Forest vegetation community and in areas infested by African Olives.

Projects completed through the Maitland Greening Plan have seen more than 250,000 native seedlings planted in the Maitland local government area.