Pollution and Environmental Monitoring

Council takes a serious approach to the environmental management of the Mount Vincent Road Waste Management Centre.  This includes having a Pollution Incident Response Management plan in place, as well as conducting ongoing environmental monitoring as part of our environmental protection licence.

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Council has in place a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan, which details the strategic approach that Council will have in relation to reporting, managing and communicating a pollution incident at the Mount Vincent Road Waste Management Centre.

Environmental Monitoring

As part of the Protection of the Environment legislation, the Mount Vincent Road Waste Management Centre is required to hold an Environmental Protection Licence. The licence sets out conditions in relation to pollution prevention and monitoring, implementation of best practice and cleaner production by means of re-use and recycling. The details of this licence are as follows:

Licence number: 6116
Licensee: Maitland City Council
Premises: Mount Vincent Road Waste Landfill Facility, 109-110 Mount Vincent Road, East Maitland NSW 2323.

Landfill Gas Data

Landfill gas is monitored on a monthly basis, with both surface and subsurface samples being taken.

Surface gas sampling is carried out using a GFM410 Landfill Gas Analyser using a grid pattern across the landfill site (layout/map) and sampling in and around buildings on site. Surface analyses samples for Methane concentrations. Subsurface gas sampling is carried out by sampling the concrete Leachate riser columns within the landfill, with an Aircheck Sampler Model 224-43XR, which fills a Tedlar bag for analysis. Samples are taken from six sites around the Waste Facility. Subsurface sampling analyses for Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Hydrogen and Nitrogen levels in the gas sample.

Landfill Water Data

Landfill water is monitored quarterly, with extra parameters in the annual analysis and both surface and subsurface samples are taken at sites located across the landfill site (layout/map).

On the landfill site map which shows the water sample points there are various references including:

SW1 and SW2The two water sample points which represent the two sediment dams on the facility.
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SW3This water sample point monitors the surface water of the Leachate Pond.
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GW1-5Groundwater is sampled from five groundwater bores located downgradient(water) from the waste facility.
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