Ground closures

Information on sporting ground closures in Maitland.
Sports facilityInspectedNext inspectionStatus
Roy Jordan- Gillieston Heights 27 March 201828 March 2018


Max McMahon27 March 201828 March 2018Closed
Coronation27 March 201828 March 2018Closed
Beryl Humble No. 127 March 201828 March 2018Closed
Lochinvar27 March 201828 March 2018Closed
Morpeth27 March 201828 March 2018Closed
Norm Chapman27 March 201828 March 2018Closed


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Wet Weather Ground Closure Procedure

The Wet Weather Ground Closure procedure has been developed to assist with determining when grounds are opened or closed.


Council will control ground closures from Monday through to 2.00pm Fridays. Notification of ground closures during this time will be through email to user groups and on this webpage.


Use of sportsgrounds from 2.00pm Friday until 8.30am Monday will be allowed at the discretion of the User Group that has been allocated use of the ground at that time. All User Groups must undertake a wet weather assessment and complete a wet weather ground assessment form whenever there is surface water or ground softness present on the sportsground or there has been a recent rainfall event. The completed document must be forwarded to the Recreation Planning and Development Officer by 5.00pm the following Monday. Please email to with 'Wet Weather Assessment' as the subject line or delivered to Council’s Administration Building at 285 - 287 High Street, Maitland.