Public installation in street in Morpeth

Creative Streets

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About Creative Streets

Creative Streets is a place activation initiative that sees Council partner with the community to co-create, reimagine and creatively transform places around Maitland through temporary and semi permanent projects.

In this round of funding, the program is focused on projects that will activate specific laneways that will be transformed with street art, bespoke lighting, street furniture, greenery and temporary installations through two of Council’s current initiatives, ‘Maitlanes’ and ‘Your High Street’. The focus of the program is to attract members of the public to explore the new laneway experiences through a series of events, performances, and activities from February through to April in 2023.

Applications for this round of Creative Streets grants closed on Sunday 4 December 2022.

Past Projects

ISO-MOOD by Stevi Cannon and Peter Sesselmann

‘ISO-MOOD’ was created by Stevi Cannon and Peter Sesselmann and was Maitland’s Motorised Mechanical Mood Monitor. The community responded to the weekly question and the interactive sculpture captured the collective changing mood of the community.

Nest by Bridget Taylor

‘Nest’ was a whimsical take on our diverse community. Our Homes/ nests provide a sense of belonging, shelter and comfort. ‘Nest’ celebrated a different interpretation of what diversity looks like. Our need to feel safe and our love for incorporating aspects of cultures different to our own to enrich our nest/home. Bridget Taylor used natural and repurposed materials to create these solar lit homes that were attached to a deciduous tree in Central Maitland.

Shadow of the Day by Joshua Anderson

‘Shadow of the Day’ was an exploration of shadow puppetry After Dark through creative installations in five shopfronts in Central Maitland. The shadow based artworks, created by Joshua Anderson, were changed daily resulting in 70 artworks presented over 14 days between 14 September and 28 September 2020.

Spatial Radiance

'Spatial Radiance', inspired by the 20th Century Dutch art movement 'De Stijl' was created by Karri McPherson and is comprised entirely out of recessed aluminium LED lights. The location of the work is in Church Street, Central Maitland.

Live Laugh Light

A team of creatives were engaged to build an interactive, illuminated bamboo structure at The Levee Shared Zone. The installation was designed to weave around and between existing architecture and street furniture and was a fun and colourful addition to the streetscape 'After Dark'.