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About Your High St Program

In May 2021, Maitland City Council was successful in securing grant funding as part of the NSW Government’s ‘Your High Street’ (YHS) program, which supports councils across NSW to make permanent improvements to the amenity and functionality of their High Streets.  

The YHS program allowed Council to improve the amenity and functionality of High Street, Central Maitland between Grant Street and the Ken Tubman Drive roundabout through a series of interventions that improve local accessibility and connection and build upon the unique mix of businesses in the precinct. 

So far the YHS Project has delivered the following improvements to the area: 

  • Approx. 600 lineal metres of renewed pedestrian footpath
  • Road line marking for efficient car parking
  • Shared zone/10km speed limit in Lee Street, starting at the junction of High Street running south on Lee Street for approx. 80m 
  • 80m mural on the road surface in the Lee Street Shared Zone and a number of footpath murals on High Street in collaboration with Studio Amsterdam
  • Planting of nine semi-mature Crepe Myrtle street trees
  • Creative pebble seating on corner of High and Free Church Street.
  • Two public dining areas
  • 10m parklet/public seating area 
  • Bike rack

More improvements in the coming weeks.

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For any further questions please contact Place Activation Team on 4931 2869 or place.activation@maitland.nsw.gov.au

Proudly funded by NSW Government & Maitland City Council