Meeting agendas and minutes

All Council decisions are made at Council Meetings or through them, which are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 5:30pm. Council decisions are made by a majority of the councillors present at the meeting voting in favour, provided their is a minimum number of councillors present. If there is a tied vote the Mayor, who chairs Council Meetings, has a second casting vote.

All Councillors present at a Council Meeting may vote on every motion, unless they have a conflict of interest.

On the Friday before Council meetings an agenda is made available. This lists all the items the Council intends to consider at the meeting. It usually also contains Council officers reports and recommendations on these matters. Councillors use these reports as a source of information and advice to assist their decision making.

Live streaming

Live streaming encourages openness and transparency by giving the community access to what is discussed and decided at council meetings in real time, without needing to attend in person. The live stream for upcoming meetings and copies from past meetings can be accessed from the links below. Please note:

  • Confidential sessions will not be broadcast.
  • Maitland City Council does not accept liability for any defamatory or offensive language or behaviour from individuals during the course of meetings.
  • Recordings are copyright protected and cannot be reused or reproduced without written approval from Council’s General Manager.
  • The footage is not, and shall not, be taken to be an official record of Maitland City Council decisions. Please refer to the meeting minutes.