Public access

Public access allows citizens to address a Council meeting regarding an item on the agenda.

All citizens are welcome to attend Council Meetings. Should a citizen wish to speak at a Council meeting, regarding an item on the agenda, you must lodge a Public Access Speaker Request Form

Applications must be received by 12.00 noon on the day of the Council Meeting. For further information contact the Office of the General Manager on 02 4934 9711.

Addressing the Council Meeting

Speakers are limited to a three minute address, if the address is longer than three minutes then the councillors may vote to give a one minute extension to the speaker. Here are the guidelines for public access:

  • Speakers must clearly state their name, address, who they are representing, and whether ‘for’ or ‘against’ the recommendation.
  • Speakers may address council on any item listed as an agenda item other than ‘Items for Information’.
  • Speakers may not direct questions or request reports from the Mayor, councillors or council staff, nor address matters in the minutes of an earlier council meeting.
  • Speakers may, with the approval of the General Manager, use appropriate materials to support their address but may not table or distribute reports, submissions, recommendations, calls for action or similar documents.
  • Persons seeking to represent or speak on behalf of any other person, group or entity must satisfy the council through their application that they have the authority to represent or speak on behalf of that person, group or entity.
  • Applications will be determined by the General Manager in consultation with the Mayor and having regard to the following limitations:
    • No more than two speakers ‘for’ and two speakers ‘against’ a matter will be permitted.
    • Approval will not be given for the same person and their representative to speak on the same matter.
    • Where a matter is deferred or carried over from one meeting to the next, the limitations on speakers will apply such that speakers at the previous meeting shall be deemed to have spoken at the latter meeting.
    • Persons who have spoken in relation to a motion of the council at a previous meeting may not speak in public access on a motion to rescind that original motion, other than in relation to new material that has been brought forward since the original motion.