A festival for our seniors

A festival for our seniors

Earlier this week I attended the NSW Seniors Festival at Maitland Town Hall and it was wonderful to see a lot of familiar faces and soak up the great music of Lonnie Lee and the Leemen (I'm pictured with Lonnie here). 

Maitland’s older residents carry with them amazing stories, life experience and a real passion for giving back. I feel Seniors also take a lot of pride in where they live and where they come from, which is great for Maitland. This sort of attitude is less common these days so I think there’s a lot to learn from that point of view.

Of course, Seniors Festival is about more than just yesterday’s concert. In fact there are many events and activities happening across the city at our libraries, recreation and seniors clubs, Probus and also Steamfest on 14 and 15 April, so I encourage you to get involved.It was wonderful to see so many people smiling, dancing and having a great time on Thursday.

Thank you to all seniors who play their part in making Maitland the great city it is.

It was also wonderful to catch up with former Mayor Peter Blackmore who has always been an advocate for the Seniors Festival. I even managed to sneak a dance with him!

Rama Navami Celebration

On the weekend I’ll also be attending a special Rama Navami Celebration at Ashtonfield Public School. The event is all about celebrating the birth of the God Rama. It’s extremely important to all who practice Hinduism, so I was honoured when asked to speak. These events demonstrate our cultural diversity and I’m really excited for Sunday afternoon.