Create Maitland initiative ready for next step

Create Maitland initiative ready for next step

In 2017 Renew Australia conducted a scoping study on behalf of Council to determine the feasibility of an urban renewal style program in Maitland. Since that time Council has been working closely with property owners, agents and creatives to source a suitable and available property to commence a pilot project called ‘Create Maitland’. To this end a Create Maitland prospectus of creatives and artists looking to temporarily use commercial spaces has been compiled.

Create Maitland is all about activating vacant properties in key commercial sites by offering short term tenures for creatives. It aims to bolster foot traffic to commercial properties without interfering with the leasing process, and activating the site will also improve the look of the property, bringing vibrancy to the area and reducing the chance of vandalism.

With an abundance of creatives interested, the ‘Create Maitland Prospectus’ is now being sent to owners of Central Maitland properties and local agents. Direct approaches will also continue to be made to landlords with suitable and available property in need of commercial leasing and activation.  

The prospectus, which will be sent to around 350 property owners and real estate agents, reviews around 25 different creatives who are interested in using commercial spaces to show off their work.

Council’s Coordinator City Economy Andrew Brown says, ‘We are very excited to have had such a great response from the creatives in Maitland and they’ve shown a strong desire to get the Create Maitland Pilot Project off the ground.

‘I feel that if the right property can be secured, then the pilot program will gain momentum and show other property owners the value of participating. The Create Maitland Prospectus will hopefully help generate interest amongst landlords by providing examples of the types of creatives and start ups that are ready to participate as soon as a property is forthcoming’.  

If you’re a property owner interested in getting involved call Council’s City Economy Officer on 02 4934 9868 or email