New truck making a difference

New truck making a difference

The Paveline Cogen 10 might sound like a machine from the future, but it’s actually Council’s new road repair truck.

Council’s Civil Works team have been using the truck for the last three months and it’s really enhanced and improved a lot of what they can do. It’s also allowed workers to repair more roads, in a shorter period of time.

Some of the advantages of the truck are that one less labourer is required during operation, there are less staff movements behind the truck, there is around 60% less manual handling required and the 10 tonne body design is more than twice the capacity of Council’s
existing trucks.

Factoring in all the improvements, there’s no doubt that over the six year lifespan of the truck, there will be a significant positive outcome.

If you see it around your place make sure you give Council staff a wave!