Remondis commence bulky waste service

Remondis commence bulky waste service

Waste management service provider Remondis has started its bulky waste collection service in Maitland, which will operate as a trial for 12 months.

Council currently operates a tip voucher system where households are provided with a tip voucher every year, which allows them to dispose of up to 400 kilograms of waste at Mount Vincent Waste Management Centre. However, we understand that some residents, for whatever reason, are unable to use their voucher. In response Council has facilitated an on call service.

As part of the service, Remondis will collect the bulky waste, redeem the household’s voucher, and transport the waste to Mount Vincent at a cost agreed upon by the resident and Remondis.

Over the 12 month trial period Council will assess the suitability, community need and performance of the service and use this information to determine what form of service if any, might be needed moving forward.

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