Steam history of South Maitland Railway

Steam history of South Maitland Railway

The significance of one of Australia’s great pioneering enterprises, South Maitland Railway, will be explored when Maitland City Library hosts historian Bob Driver for Look Who’s Talking Local History on Sunday 28 April at Maitland Railway Museum.

A century ago Maitland was the focus of an industrial revolution driven by private companies, such as the South Maitland Railway, intent on capitalising on the South Maitland coalfields. 

Visitors to the Look Who’s Talking Local History event will have the opportunity to view displays in a new exhibition space presented by the Maitland Rail Museum Incorporated at the South Maitland Railway Workshops. The Maitland Rail Museum was established on the Workshops’ site in 2018 with the objectives of preserving, restoring and displaying materials and records of the South Maitland Railway. 

Presenter and specialist historian, Bob Driver, will provide personal insights into the South Maitland Railway. Mr Driver was born in Maitland where his father and grandfather were employed by South Maitland Railway from 1919 to 1978 and has a lifelong interest in railways. He is the author of two books and numerous articles on the South Maitland Railway and the railways of the Hunter region. 

Bookings for this event may be made online at and for further information phone Maitland Library on 4933 6952. The free event, titled ‘Steam Visions’, commences at 10.00am at Maitland Railway Museum this Sunday 28 April.