Technological advances embraced by Council

Technological advances embraced by Council

Last week, Council took advantage of technological advances and commenced the spraying of weeds using a specialised spray drone at the Bolwarra riverbank. This new process can replace conventional spraying for the purpose of weed control in suitable areas and comes with a number of benefits. ​​​​

Safety is the most important factor considered by Council’s works team and public safety is significantly increased due to programmable buffer zones and a decrease in the potential for spray drift. Additionally, there is reduced risk of herbicide exposure to spray operators.

Drone spraying, which is guided by GPS satellite navigation, ensures that there is no risk of weeds or weed seed being spread elsewhere as the drone does not come into direct contact with weeds infested areas. It can also treat weeds which are difficult to access, are in remote locations, or present a high risk by entering the site on foot or using a vehicle.

The process also reduces the amount of herbicide being used, has minimal impact on surrounding vegetation and saves both time and money due to better efficiencies.

Council will continue to utilise drone spraying in areas which are unreachable on foot or by vehicle, or present a greater risk if sprayed by conventional methods.