Weeds to watch for

Weeds to watch for

While there are a lot of beautiful natives flowering this time of year, spring can also be a time when weeds flourish. Some of the weeds to look out for in Maitland include:

Green Cestrum

Has always been problematic in Maitland and can affect both rural and urban properties. It can be a threat to other plants, animals and humans and can be identified by its yellow flowers and bright green leaves.

Small leaved privet

As an environmental weed, this can threaten biodiversity and endanger plant and animal species, as well as ecological communities. Because it is so dense, it can prevent other vegetation from surviving and it can be identified by its white tubular flowers.


This is a major problem and is prevalent on especially dry land. It is glyphosate resistant and can be difficult to control. It has small flower heads that are off white when flowering. 

For more information on how to control these weeds and others you might find at home, visit weeds.dpi.nsw.gov.au