Pool owner responsibilities

Home pool environments can be a great source of fun and relaxation, however can also pose a great risk, especially to young children. There are some guidelines you must follow to not only comply with the relevant laws, but to help keep everyone safe.

1. Register your pool

All pools and spas now need to be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

Penalties may apply to pool owners who have not registered their pool on the NSW Swimming Pool Register, so if you have not already registered, do so now.

2. Ensure your pool safety barrier complies

Every swimming pool that is capable of holding 300mm depth of water needs a child resistant barrier that complies with Australian Standards under the Swimming Pools Act 1992, regardless of what type of pool it is, even blow up pools.

New pool fences must be designed, constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with AS1926.1-2012.

The NSW Government has developed a range of pool inspection self-assessment checklists to help you understand your particular pool/spa barrier requirements. Please refer to the specific pool checklist relevant to you.

Please note: From 1 July 2010, swimming pools located on properties which are waterfront, on land over two hectares or on very small properties (230m2 or less) can no longer use the automatic exemptions from the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and must comply with the pool criteria listed in the self assessment checklists.

3. Arrange a pool inspection by Council

Council performs swimming pool inspections in accordance with State legislation and the relevant Australian Standard. Where an application for inspection (and any subsequent re-inspection) has been made and found to comply, then a Certificate of Compliance will be issued for the pool barrier, which is valid for three years.

Inspections occur:

  • At least once every three years for any property providing tourist or visitor accommodation, or more than two dwellings.
  • Where a property owner makes an application for an inspection.
  • Where a property containing a swimming pool is being sold or leased (leased properties must reapply for a Certificate of Compliance every three years).
  • Where Council has received a complaint about a swimming pool barrier.

Booking an inspection

You can arrange a pool barrier inspection by:


  • Inspection fee is $135
  • Re-inspection (one-off) fee is $100
  • Application for exemption under Section 22 of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 is $70.