Work applications on Council land and roads

Farmland in Maitland

Private work on Council roads

If you're planning on carrying out works or activities on Council roads, including constructing a driveway, you must seek Council approval before starting.

Work zones

You can apply for a work zone or temporary road closure if you’re undertaking works on public roads such as:

  • Building or construction purposes
  • Loading or unloading of vehicles
  • To operate cranes or other large equipment, or
  • Works involving utility services.
Apply for a work zone or temporary road closure


Notice period

Work zones with temporary road closure
  • Applications must be submitted at least 21 days before closure.
Work zones without temporary road closure
  • Applications must be submitted at least seven (7) days before proposed work.

Hoardings, scaffolding and other temporary structures

If you are wanting to occupy a temporary structure in a public place, you must submit an Application for Hoardings, Scaffolding and Other Temporary Structures, at least seven (7) days before work. This includes erecting, altering, repairing and dismantling the structure, and can include fencing, hoarding and/or scaffolding.

If the structure occupies a public footpath, a Traffic Management Plan must also be prepared with a Transport for NSW accredited certifier and submitted with your application form.

Apply for a hoarding or scaffolding permit


Road and footpath excavation

To dig into a public road or footpath, you must submit an Application for a Road Opening Permit.

The form covers works such as:

  • Installation, maintenance, replacement or upgrading of utilities (water, gas, electricity or telecommunications)
  • Any type of storm water or sewer connection works and repairs
  • Providing a temporary driveway to premises for residential or construction vehicle access
  • Road, kerb and gutter works that are associated with a development site approved by Council.
Apply for a road or footpath opening

Driveway application

You need approval from Council if you are installing a driveway that runs across a footway (from the kerb to the boundary).


New public infrastructure works

If you are a developer or construction manager undertaking works on new public infrastructure, and require a Section 138 Roads Act or Section 68 Stormwater Act Approval as part of your development application, you must submit an Application for New Infrastructure.

  • These construction or modification and connection works can include:
  • Kerb and guttering, road pavement, and footpath works
  • Intersection upgrades or connection of new (subdivision) roads to existing roads
  • Line marking and signage within public domain
  • Public Stormwater pipelines, pits and channels
  • Private pipeline utilities running within road reserve (e.g. private sewer).

This application does not cover minor connections such as private driveways, normal stormwater connection across to the kerb and gutter.

Apply for new infrastructure works


Skip bins on Council roads

If you have hired, or intend to hire a skip bin or container, you need Council approval before its placement. You can receive approval by submitting an application two (2) days prior to the requested placement date.

Apply for placement approval of a Skip Waste Container


Placement of Skip bins

Bulk and skip waste containers may only be placed on roads when there is not enough space on the property you're disposing waste from.

The placement of these containers should also not cause any damage to roads, or properties on or nearby a road, and should not be a safety risk to any person. Bulky and skip waste containers should also not be placed in poorly lit areas.

View the placement guide

Licence to access Council land

If you’re a resident or contractor that needs to access Council owned or managed land for a short period of time, you will need to complete an Activities and Access Licence Application form. Applications should be forwarded to Council at least 14 days before the access date requested.

How to access Council land

  1. Complete the Application Form
    Download and fill in the Activities and Access Licence Application Form and return via email at There is a non-refundable application fee of $75 including GST associated with this application. Once the application has been received by Council, a member of the Customer Experience Team will contact the applicant to take payment over the phone. 
  2. Wait for assessment
    Once the completed form is received and the application fee has been paid, the application will be assessed by all internal stakeholders. A site visit may be required to determine any land and access constraints and to inform the Licence conditions.
  3. Decision and conditions
    If approval is given to access the land, a Licence will be issued to the applicant for signing. The Licence will contain any special conditions associated with the land and the proposed activity being undertaken.
    The Licence Fee of $312 per week for contractors and $104 per month for residents (that are not bringing in contractors to undertake work) will be applied to the Licence. A key may be required to be collected from Council Administration building if there is a locked gate to access the land.
  4. Final inspection
    After the approved access period, a Council representative will inspect the land to ensure all conditions of the Licence have been met and that the land has been returned to the pre-occupation state. If a key has been collected from Council it will need to be returned on completion of the Licence period.
Apply for access to Council land


Conditions to accessing Council land

The Licence protects Council against risks and ensures the land is maintained or returned to the same condition as when you entered. Some applications may not be approved or may have special conditions that apply if their work significantly impacts the natural environment.

Special events on Council land

If you are wanting to hold an event on Council land, you must complete an Application for Special Events form, at least six (6) weeks prior to the requested date of closure.

If food is to be sold at the event, the applicant is bound by certain mobile food business requirements.

If you are wanting to temporarily close a public road to hold an event, you must complete an Application for Temporary Road Closure, at least 16 weeks prior to the requested date closure of closure.

Apply for a special event on Council land
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