Road closures and works

Road works on Maitland Vale Road

Find road closures and planned works

All road closures and disruptions in Maitland are published directly to NSW Government’s Live Traffic. There you’ll find real time information on traffic conditions, incidents and major events across all of NSW.

These works will also be copied into navigation apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Snippet of Live Traffic NSW

View proposed road closures

Council publish a list of road closures that are proposed for the future. These can be found in Public Exhibition.

Apply for a road closure

Road closures for work sites

If you are wanting to temporarily close a public road to set up a work site, complete footpath or road excavations, construct new infrastructure or set up temporary structures like scaffolding, you will need to apply via the relevant form.

Road closures for events

If you are wanting to temporarily close a public road to hold an event, you must complete an Application for Temporary Road Closure form, at least 16 weeks prior to the requested date closure of closure.

A Traffic Control Plan showing barricades, detours and signposting for the road closures is to be designed by a certified person and provided with the application.

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