Engineering development and subdivision requirements

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Manual of Engineering Standards

The Manual of Engineering Standards is a suite of documents that provides engineering requirements for developments and subdivisions.

Civil Works - Design
Civil Works - Construction
Small Scale Development
Technical Documents and Guidelines

Subdivision Works Certificates

Before you start any subdivision works in connection with a development consent for the subdivision of land, you must obtain a Subdivision Works Certificate (SWC) via the NSW Planning Portal. This includes civil works such as sewerage works, roadworks and earthworks in connection with appropriate conditions of consent.


Work and Stormwater Act Approvals

Work and Stormwater Act Approvals are generally required by a condition of development consent. These include:

  • Section 138 Roads Act Work Approvals (S138)
  • Section 68 Local Government Act Stormwater Approval (S68)

For works on new public infrastructure such as guttering and footpaths works, upgrades to road pavements or intersection, connections of new roads or public stormwater works, you must submit an Application for New Infrastructure.

You can view and submit applications for driveways, work zones and road and footpath excavations via Work applications on Council land and roads.


Principal Certifier for Subdivision Works

Before you start any subdivision works, you need to appoint a Principal Certifier who will complete inspections during the construction phase to make sure relevant standards are met.

Council's Subdivision Engineers provide the responsibilities of the Principal Certifier for subdivision work and can issue the Subdivision Certificate at the end of the process.

To appoint Council as your Principal Certifier, select Council when prompted when completing your application via the NSW Planning Portal.

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