What you need to know about trees, whether landscaping at home or enquiring about a tree on public land.

Trees on private land

Trees within Maitland are protected under the Maitland Local Environmental Plan, 2011 and a development consent may be required for the removal of a tree on your property. You can find out more about the development consent criteria within the tree removal application.

Information regarding tree removal on rural land can also be found at Hunter Local Land Services.

Tree removal and pruning

Development approval is required for the removal or pruning (e.g. crown thinning) of some trees in urban areas which are over three metres in height, or which have a branch spread of three metres or more, and a trunk diameter of 100mm or more measured at 1.0m.

Neighbouring trees and trees over boundaries

Where a tree on an adjoining property overhangs your boundary and the consent of the owner cannot be obtained for pruning works, Council may approve pruning of the tree to the common property boundary only. Where the consent of an owner cannot be obtained to remove a tree that is causing a nuisance on an adjoining property, the Tree (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 contains provisions which may help to resolve the matter.


When landscaping or planning to plant trees and shrubs near your property be careful to not plant too close to sewer pipes. This may cause blockages or broken pipes, resulting in pipe replacement costs and or tree removal costs. If you are landscaping you can seek advice from a qualified landscaper or for maintenance and care of trees on your property a qualified arborist.

Trees on public land

Trees are a valuable asset in any city’s environment as they enhance its appearance and improve its air quality. The efficient management of a city’s trees is necessary to ensure the amenity value of these assets is maintained, but also, any possible damage these trees may cause to the built environment or health or safety risks the trees may cause to the community is identified and managed.

Likewise, any proposed plantings must be appropriately considered to ensure that a safe, healthy and attractive streetscape is maintained for the future.

Information relating to trees located on Council land can be located via Council's Management of Trees on Public Land Policy

If you wish to request for pruning, removal or transplanting of trees on Council land please fill in the Request for Pruning or Removal of Tress on Council Land form and return to Council.

Any further information relating to trees on Council owned land can be obtained by contacting Council's Coordinator Recreation & Tree Services on 02 4934 9618.