How to lodge a planning application

To make the process as streamlined as possible the following three steps take you through the initial planning phase of your project right through to lodging your application.

1. Talk to us

We encourage you to talk to us about your building or development options early on in your planning. You can speak with our Duty Planner or Building Surveyor on 02 4934 9700 (available 8.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday at Council's administration building) who will provide you with information that will assist you in moving your project forward. At this point we also advise you to obtain a fee quote by speaking with Councils Citizen Services Team.

2. Complete the paperwork

Complete the application form outlining the following essential information:

  • applicant and owners details.
  • property details.
  • description of the development.
  • the proposed details.
  • the type of development consent for which you are applying.

A specification is required to describe the construction and materials from which the building is to be constructed, a Statement of Environmental Effects (or Environmental Impact Statement for Designated Development), and a BASIX certificate also needs to be included with the application.

Some applications will require additional plans be submitted, such as landscape, drainage, bulk earthworks and driveway profile plans, however the following plans are always required to accompany a DA where building work is proposed:

  • Site Plan.
  • Floor Plan.
  • Elevation Plan.

The application form must be signed. By signing the form, you are consenting to the application being lodged over your property.

If you have made any reportable political donations please complete a disclosure statement of political donations and gifts form, which is to be submitted with your application. To find out more you can read our information on political donations.

For more detailed information on the process and what is required to be submitted with your application you can read through our Development Application Guide.

Specifications for plans

​​​​All plans are to be drawn to a standard scale, which is to be nominated on the plan. All plans should be no larger than A3.

Site plans are required to be stamped by the Hunter Water Corporation to ensure that development is clear of Hunter Water sewer mains. Hunter Water have an application process for stamping building plans as they no longer stamp plans over the counter. To find out more visit the Hunter Water website or contact 1300 657 657.

Should your property be located in a mine subsidence area, your plans will also need to be stamped by the Mine Subsidence Board

3. Lodge your application

You've made it this far and are now ready to lodge.

To avoid any delays in processing ensure everything that is necessary is included and that all applications have one hard copy of all plans and documentation, stamped by Hunter Water and the Mine Subsidence Board where applicable. These are to be accompanied by an electronic copy on a USB stick/CD, which contains your completed application form along with all the associated documents and plans. The electronic files need to be labelled appropriately, be no larger than 5MB in size and be in PDF format.

To lodge your application you can do so in person at Council's administration building, 285-287 High Street, Maitland or by post to PO Box 220, Maitland NSW 2320.

At this point you will also need to pay the quoted application fee which you can do in person with cash, cheque or EFT or if you have posted your application we will ring you for payment once it is received at Council.