Heavy vehicles

Here's what you should know about transporting goods via a heavy vehicle on roads through Maitland.

If you own a Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV) and want to request access outside of the Restricted Access Vehicle network (RAV network) then you will need to apply to Council. 

For Class 1 and 3 permits in NSW, you can apply through Council by completing the Restricted Access Vehicle Period Permit form. Alternatively, you may also apply through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. 

Use the Restricted Access Vehicle Route application form to include a route through the existing Restricted Access Vehicle networks.

Classes of heavy vehicles

Examples of the different types of heavy vehicle in each class include:

  • Class 1 heavy vehicles – Special purpose vehicles, Agricultural vehicles, Oversize and Over Mass vehicles
  • Class 2 heavy vehicles – Freight carrying vehicles (B-doubles, B-triples, Road Trains), Buses, Vehicle carriers, Livestock vehicles, Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles.
  • Class 3 heavy vehicles – Vehicles which, together with their load, do not comply with prescribed mass or dimension requirements.

For further information and all other applications, you will need to apply directly to the NHVR.