Thornton Road Network

Thornton Road Network

New and upgraded traffic facilities, including roads, bridges and intersections, are all being planned to reduce pressure on existing local and state road networks.

Various major projects have been undertaken by Council, the State Government and private developers in the area to deliver as much of the infrastructure as possible in a timely manner. More work is needed and in a shorter timeframe than originally planned, due to the accelerated growth in the area.

The Thornton North Development Contributions Plan includes a schedule of road works planned to address road capacity issues in the Thornton area.  A State Government Cap on the level of contributions councils are able to levy on development has left a funding shortfall causing delays to the delivery of infrastructure, particularly road works, across the urban release area.

While progress has been made in some areas, a number of additional road infrastructure works have been identified but are currently unfunded or awaiting confirmation of funding.

Council is committed to collaborating and partnering with the State Government to meet the needs and priorities for the Thornton Road Network, and to seek funding to deliver necessary roads and community infrastructure in Thornton, the neighbouring area and across Maitland.

  • $155M

    Overall costs of Thornton Road Network improvements (as at 2023)

  • 10

    Projects completed so far

  • 7

    Projects currently underway

List of Projects


  • Raymond Terrace Road/McFarlanes Road: T intersection upgraded with dedicated turning lanes
  • Raymond Terrace Road/Harvest Boulevard: traffic lights installed 
  • Government Road and Thornclife Avenue/Darleston Avenue: roundabout installed
  • Raymond Terrace Road/Settlers Boulevard: traffic lights installed
  • Government Road/Hillgate Drive: roundabout installed
  • Settlers Boulevard: central median installed and road improvements
  • Billabong Parade: fringe/permieter road installed 
  • Haussman Drive - Stage 1: intersection at Glenroy Street upgraded
  • Raymond Terrace Road/Haussman Drive intersection: central median installed
  • Raymond Terrace Road – Millers Forest to Thornton: general road improvements

Construction phase

Design phase

  • Haussman Drive upgrades, Stage 2: lane duplication to and roundabout at Taylor Avenue 
  • Haussman Drive upgrades, Stage 3: upgrades to intersection at Raymond Terrace Road
  • Raymond Terrace Road, from Government Road to McFarlanes Road: progressive road upgrades
  • Thornton Road/Glenwood Drive: intersection upgrades, currently developing business case 
  • Raymond Terrace Road, Settlers Boulevard to Government Road: progressive road upgrades
  • Railway Avenue Bridge: bridge duplication, two lanes each way