Car parking

Women getting into a car in a shopping centre car park

Public parking areas in Maitland

You can view public car parks across Maitland by using our online Maps database.

Illegal parking

Council implemented the 'Print and Post' system in July 2023, with illegal parking fines now issued via Revenue NSW.

Council rangers will continue to monitor parking infringements using new smart technology, AeroRanger which can automatically recognise number plates. This data will be reported to Revenue NSW, before they create the penalty notice and send it to the recipient within two to three days.

If you’ve seen a car parked illegally, call our Customer Experience Team and our Rangers can investigate.

Parking rules

If a car is infringing against these rules, it can be deemed as illegally parked.

No parking zones

  • You must not stop for more than two (2) minutes
  • You must remain in or within three (3) metres of the vehicle
  • Hours of operations may apply to some signs. This means restrictions apply for those times only
  • Mobility Parking Permit holders are allowed to park for up to five (5) minutes.

No Stopping Zones (yellow lines)

  • You must not stop your vehicle at any point, on the road or kerb, in the direction of the sign’s arrow, unless there is a medical or other emergency
  • Sometimes a no stopping area is indicated by a solid yellow edge line. Council is removing No Stopping signs and replacing them with yellow lines
  • Hours of operation may apply to some signs. This means restrictions apply for those times only.

Bus Zones

  • You are not allowed to stop your vehicle in the direction of the sign’s arrows, unless you are driving a bus
  • Hours of operation may apply to some signs. This means restrictions apply for those times only.

Residential parking permits

There is one (1) designated location in Maitland where Council issues parking permits for residents:

  • Swan Street, Morpeth - north side of road only, between Tank Street and Northumberland Street.

Residents in these areas can apply for a permit by completing an Application for Residential Parking Permit.

Apply for a residential parking permit


Conditions of use

Resident Parking Permit

  • Residents must first prove that they reside at the property, and that there is not sufficient parking space inside their property to park their vehicle(s), and that there is no unrestricted street parking available nearby.
  • The permit must be displayed on the front left side of the dashboard of the vehicle and clearly visible from the outside.
  • Misuse of the permit may result in the permit being cancelled or suspended, and a parking infringement notice being issued.
  • The permit does not give exemption from other parking restrictions such as No Stopping Zones, Bus Zones, and Loading Zones.
  • Once issued, the permit will only apply to the vehicle registration details displayed on the permit. Council must be notified when registration details change.
  • There are no exclusive parking spaces set aside for permit holders.
  • Permit holders are exempt from observing timed parking signs within the sign-posted residential area (e.g. 2-hour and 1-hour parking zones). Motorists who do not hold a permit can still park within the residential zone, but they must adhere to the time restrictions indicated on the permissive parking signs.

Resident Visitor Permit

  • Residents can only receive up to two (2) Visitor Permits.
  • The Visitor Permit must be returned to the resident before their vehicle leaves the area.
  • Residents can lend a Visitor Permit to someone visiting who does not reside in the area. This must be displayed on their vehicle when parked within the residential zone.
  • This permit can only be used on an irregular basis. Regular overuse of a Visitor Permit may result in a suspension of use and a parking infringement notice being issued.
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