Road safety

People driving a car

Council road safety programs

Safety on our roads is everyone's responsibility. Council is working closely with Transport for NSW and NSW Police to create and coordinate road safety programs throughout the community.

Young drivers

Council conducts free two (2) hour workshops for parents and other supervisors of learner drivers locally to help you with practical advice about supervising learner drivers, completing the Learner Driver Log Book, and the benefits of driving practice.

Contact Council’s Road Safety Officer on 02 4934 9700 for further information and to book.

Safe seniors

Our Road Safety Officer can attend your service group as a guest speaker covering topics such as requirements for keeping your licence as you age, health and driving, being a safe active senior, keeping safe out walking and transition to not driving.

To enquire or book a talk for your group please contact the Road Safety Officer on 02 4934 9700.

Motorcycling the Hunter

Councils in the Hunter have produced an informational brochure to support motorcycling, showcase the best routes in the Hunter and promote safety for all riders.

View Motorcycling the Hunter brochure.

Transport for NSW road safety programs

Towards Zero

We have a goal to have a zero road toll in NSW. Information on road safety can be found at Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety.

Fatigue management

In 2012 more people in NSW died in fatigue related crashes than drink driving crashes, while being awake for about 17 hours has a similar effect on performance as a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05.

Sleep is the only cure for tiredness. Information on road fatigue can be found at Transport for NSW’s Centre for Road Safety.

School programs

Transport for NSW work with schools on road safety resources that form an essential part of the curriculum.

Safety Town for primary school age and On The Move for secondary school age has resources for both teachers and parents to educate and reinforce safety in all road environments.

Joe Rider

The 'Joe Rider' motorcycle campaign is returning to Maitland's roads from Monday 9 to Friday 13 October. Joe Rider aims to reduce the occurrence of SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You) crashes by encouraging the community to keep an eye out for motorcyclists, with the chance to win.

If you spot a volunteer 'Joe Rider' between 9.00am Monday 9 October and 5.00pm Friday 13 October, register your sighting and enter the draw to win up to $250.

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