Our Guiding Principles

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We aim to be famous for our un-council like service and can do attitude, helping our customers and people thrive.


Guiding Principles

Council is transforming, and at the core of our transformation is a focus on customer experience. We have adopted five Guiding Principles to further enforce that.

These Principles underpin everything we do to put the customer at the heart of decisions so that we can help our community to thrive.

Our Customer Driven Transformation program

In 2018/19, we undertook an extensive review of our Customer Service functions and believed we needed to make some changes.

This resulted in the adoption of a Customer Experience Plan and Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap which are strategies aimed at helping to meet the growing needs of the community and their overall access to our services. These two plans have combined and we now embark on what we’re calling, our Customer Driven Transformation program.

By undertaking this program, we will change the way we work, the way we deliver services and information and the way we operate to deliver our customers and community 'un-council like' experiences.

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