Cr Loretta Baker

Cr Loretta Baker

Mayor Cr Loretta Baker has lived in the area for over 30 years and first became a Maitland City councillor in 2008. Loretta made the decision to run for Council as she saw it as an opportunity to further her interest in and commitment to social justice.

Loretta, who became the first female mayor in Maitland’s history in September 2017, is a nurse with a strong interest in social issues, specifically health, transport and housing. For Loretta, being Mayor means that she can be more involved in advocating for equal opportunity for all community members and have a say on the way the city develops over time.

She has been a major supporter of bringing change to Central Maitland, specifically paving the way for people to live in the city to be closer to essential amenities and services.

‘If we can get more people living in Central Maitland it will boost our economy and better our environment by increasing the number of people using public transport and decreasing the number of cars on our roads.’

Loretta is also keen to see Maitland’s heritage maintained in a practical way that preserves the integrity and value of our assets.

In her spare time Loretta enjoys film, theatre and dining out. She is also an avid gardener and is inspired by Edna Walling’s garden rooms.