Cr Mitchell Griffin, who is now in his second term on Council, was born in Morpeth and has been living in Metford with his wife, two sons and two dogs for over ten years. 

Mitchell, is a big motorsports fan, a foundation member of H20 Baptist Church in Thornton, a JP Association Maitland Patron, supporter of East Maitland Lions Club and a member of the Maitland District Historical Society.  

He values heritage and has a family lineage that is woven into the City's history, with ancestors landing here in 1839.  

Seeing Maitland grow and the need for infrastructure to create a liveable and vibrant city of the future was what originally inspired him to run for Council. 

'I love the diversity of Maitland. You could be at Greenhills shopping, drive five minutes and be having a coffee in Morpeth and drive another five minutes and be in our historic farmland areas. We've got people from a wide range of backgrounds and diverse opinions and beliefs.’