Cr Peter Garnham

Cr Peter Garnham

Councillor Peter Garnham, who has lived in Maitland for 56 years, is in his fifth term as a Maitland City councillor, after originally being elected in 1999.

Peter has always been very active in the Maitland community through organisations such as Lions Club, Rotary, Apex, the Maitland Steam and Antique Machinery Association and too many more to name here. He initially decided to run for Council because he felt he had something valuable to contribute.

Peter is passionate about seeing Maitland grow and is dedicated to ensuring investment and employment grows at the same pace. He is also committed to enhancing Maitland’s already vibrant events tourism sector.

‘There’s plenty of potential for attracting new industries and commercial enterprise to Maitland, along with the expansion of our existing economic landscape. I’d love to see more emphasis placed on heritage and event based tourism through initiatives like Hunter Valley Steamfest, increased use of the steam rally ground and promotion of Walka Water Works for recreation and commercial uses’.

Peter is also interested in seeing the improvement of community facilities through proactive asset management and making sure the needs of the community are met in line with Council’s regular community surveys and consultation efforts.

Peter and his wife Kelly have four children and six grandchildren. He likes spending his spare time with family, camping and restoring old farm machinery and vehicles.