Cr Robert Aitchison is a Thornton local and third term councillor, who is proud of what Maitland as a City and a community continue to achieve.  

Robert moved to the area in 2000 to start a tour business and raise his two children in an idyllic location that is both prosperous for trade and rich in community.  

As a proud Freemason, a local association that raises money and helps those in need, he values volunteering, treating others with respect and helping those less fortunate.  

Several years ago, Robert became concerned that the community and Council were losing connection and decided to run for Council to help bridge that divide and advocate to give people a fair go.  

Talking about Maitland, he says 'I love the fact we've got such heritage. We're small enough that we can get around and see everything easily and have retained a community feel. 

'As a councillor, I can't fix everything, but I've always got my phone turned on and am willing to listen. They may not always like the answer, but I'll always give them the truth.’