Freedom of Entry

The exercising of Freedom of Entry of the City enables Council to honour a distinguished unit of the armed forces, and strengthen the ties between citizens and servicemen and women.

Granting of Freedom of Entry bestows the honour upon military units the right to parade through the streets of the city on ceremonial occasions and to be present at official functions and ceremonies. In accordance with military law and tradition this gives the Unit the right to march through the streets with swords drawn, bayonets fixed, drums beating, bands playing and ensign flying.

The honour of Freedom of Entry to the City of Maitland has been bestowed upon:

  • HMAS Maitland in 2006 and 2017

  • RAAF No. 2 Squadron in 2016

  • 208 Squadron AAFC in 2013

  • 234 Army Cadet Unit Maitland in 2000