Public exhibition

Be informed and have your say on what is happening in Maitland and provide input into Council's and our community's future.

The following items are currently on public exhibition. Details of each item can be found by viewing the documents attached to each item.

ItemSubmissions Close
Temporary fee waiver for outdoor and footpath dining              2 April 2018
Building and development

Public exhibition items relating to building and development can be found on the application tracker.

Integrated Developments

SuburbApplication numberProperty DetailsProposalOn Exhibition
ChisholmDA 18-1254

Lot 4 DP1220220

2 Settlers Boulevard

Torrens Title Subdivision - One (1) Lot into Twelve (12) Lots

Statement of Environmental Effects

18 June 2018
East MaitlandDA 18-1282

Lot 1951 DP1213240

George Street

Torrens Title Subdivision - One (1) Lot into Thirty Eight (38) Lots

Statement of Environmental Effects

25 June 2018
ChisholmDA 18-1333

Lot 4 DP1220220

2 Settlers Boulevard

Lot 2831 DP1238911

118 Dragonfly Drive

Subdivision - Two (2) Lots into Forty Three (43) Lots - Staged

Statement of Environmental Effects

Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit

Ecological Assessment Report

Bushfire Threat Assessment

Traffic Impact Assessment

2 July 2018


Food Safety Policy

Draft FOOD SAFETY POLICY for public exhibition and comment

At the meeting of Council on 24 April 2018 it was resolved that Council place the draft Food Safety Policy on public exhibition for 28 days and invite submissions from the public. 

The NSW Food Authority has revised and modified the Food Regulation Partnership between Council and the NSW Food Authority.  The draft policy provides a framework for a consistent approach to regulatory compliance by Council in its role as an enforcement agency under the NSW Food Act.  It is intended to replace the Food Surveillance Policy, which was adopted in November 2002.

This draft Food Safety Policy is on public exhibition until 2 July 2018.  Any questions regarding the draft Food Safety Policy can be made to Alison Lawrence, Coordinator Regulatory Compliance on 02 4934 9700.

Submissions will be received up to 5.00pm on 23 July 2018 and should be made in writing:

Via email:

or via mail to:  Maitland City Council,
attention to Alison Lawrence,

PO Box 220

Maitland NSW 2320

Review of the Maitland Urban Settlement Strategy

Following a review of the draft Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan, and recent changes to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Council is now formally calling for submissions from the community, development sector and Government Agencies on the 5 yearly review of the MUSS.

The review will also take into consideration submissions from stakeholders and the community with respect to:

  • land that could potentially be included for future consideration for rezoning, or
  • land that is already identified in the current MUSS, the status of which could potentially be elevated through the categories within the document.

As part of this review, amendments to the general format and structure of the document will take place, including the renaming of the document from the MUSS to ‘Maitland Strategic Blueprint 2036’ (MSB). Rather than having a singular focus of providing a local urban development program (LUDP), the MSB will be the City’s new overarching strategic land use planning document, and will contain, amongst other directives, a LUDP.

Council is calling for public submissions for 6 weeks from Tuesday 29 May 2018. A copy of the MUSS and supporting information is available at, at Council’s Administration Building and at Maitland City Library branches.

The Maitland Urban Settlement Strategy is also available online via Council’s website at

Persons wishing to make comment on the review of the MUSS 2012 should do so in writing to:

The General Manager

Maitland City Council

PO Box 220

Maitland NSW 2320

Alternatively comments can be emailed to

Submissions should be received no later than 4.30pm on Tuesday 10 July 2018 and should quote reference number 103/77/9.

Under the NSW State Government legislation, you are required to disclose to Council any political donations and/or gifts when you are making a submission to the MUSS 2012 Edition. When making a submission please complete Council’s Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Form and submit it with your comments on the draft plan. A copy of the form is available from Council’s website at , Council’s Administration Building and Council’s Libraries (Central Maitland, East Maitland, Thornton and Rutherford).

For further information regarding the review of the MUSS 2012, please contact Council’s Urban Growth Team on 4934 9700.

Maitland Your Say

For additional feedback opportunities Maitland Your Say is Council's online engagement platform. Check it out and have your say on the future of Maitland.


Submissions must be received by close of business on the last day of the exhibition period, unless otherwise stated.

Submissions are to be made in writing addressed to the General Manager and emailed to or posted to:

Maitland City Council
PO Box 220
Maitland NSW 2320


The personal information provided as part of submissions will be used for the purpose of considering the specific project or proposal on exhibition and will become a record of Council. All information will be stored securely and retained in accordance with the State Records Act 1998.

Political donations and gifts

Any person making a submission on a planning related matter (for example a development application, development control plans, local environmental plans, section 94 plans etc.) must complete a Disclosure Statement of Political Donations and Gifts and submit this to Council with their submission.