Follow these tips to reduce the impact of air pollution caused by wood heaters.

When the cold weather hits, wood heaters are often used to heat our homes. However, if not installed or operated correctly, they can produce excessive smoke which is a major contributor to air pollution.

To minimise pollutants the Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) advise to not dampen down your fire overnight. With the air intake closed, the fire is starved of oxygen and cannot burn properly.

To further reduce your wood smoke pollution:

  • Use only small logs of seasoned, untreated wood
  • Store wood under cover in a dry, ventilated area
  • Use several small logs rather than one large log
  • Increase the air supply if you see your chimney smoking
  • Maintain a bright flame, never let your heater smoulder
  • Never burn rubbish, driftwood, treated or painted wood, which can pollute the air and can be poisonous.
  • Check your chimney regularly.

You can find out more about wood smoke at NSW EPA.