Operational cemeteries

Maitland has four operational cemeteries facilitating burials and ash interments. 

If you are seeking advice on plot or niche reservations it's best to contact Council's cemeteries team on 02 4934 9770 or see the service providers page for a list of funeral directors who will be able to assist with this as part of their services.

Frequently asked questions
How to purchase or reserve a plot or niche?

A plot or niche can be selected and purchased through Council’s Cemetery Officer on 02 4934 9770.

What is a columbarium wall?

A columbarium is a wall with niches for boxes of ashes to be stores. There are two columbarium walls at Morpeth Cemetery. Wall one allows for only one box of ashes. Wall two allows for two boxes of ashes. The box of ashes should be 230mm x 110mm x 76mm.

What is a niche?

A Niche refers to the place in the Columbarium Wall where ashes are placed.

How much is a plot or niche?

For pricing its best to contact Council's cemeteries team on 02 4934 9770 or cemeteries@maitland.nsw.gov.au

Interments and works in cemeteries

All interments and works at Maitland City Council cemeteries must be carried out by a licenced service provider.

Who places ashes in a niche?

Ashes are interred into the Columbarium wall by a Council Officer as required. Council can contact the applicant to advise of the timing of the interment if requested.

What type of monument (headstone) is permitted?

A Monumental Works application must be submitted and approved & the applicable fee paid prior to any Monumental (headstone) works. All works must only be conducted by a service provider with a licence to work in Maitland City Council cemeteries.

All work shall be in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4204m Monuments and Headstones in Cemeteries and Council’s Cemetery Policy.

Can an interment right be transferred?

An interment right may be transferred to another person. For a transfer to be valid, Council must endorse the transfer and the applicable fee must be paid. Note: Council does not buy back plots.

Do I have to order a plaque for the columbarium wall?

The cost of the interment of ashes into the columbarium includes the cost of the purchase of a small memorial plaque that will be placed over the niche. This plaque can accommodate six lines of text.

What is an interment right?

An Interment Right is an exclusive entitlement to a burial plot or niche which is granted by Council to a person or persons. This gives the owner the right to inter into a plot or niche. The Interment Right is the legal document for proof of ownership of the plot or niche.

How many people can be buried in the plot?

It depends on the depth of the first burial and the natural ground conditions. Where possible graves will be dug to double depth which will allow the interment of two caskets and four sets of ashes in one plot. All interments must be authorised by the Interment Right holder and Council.