Environmental education

The Schools Environment Program aims to provide Maitland schools with support and resource assistance in implementing environmental education and hands on projects.

The Maitland Schools Environment Program encourages partnerships between Council, local schools and the community. It promotes greater environmental awareness, enabling schools to be responsible for and implement environmental improvements in their grounds. Our school environment program can provide schools with:

Recommendations and resources for on ground environmental improvement

Schools in the Maitland local government area are able to apply for small resource allocations to assist with environmental projects. Requests can be made each year using the Resource Request Form.

Council is also able to assist schools in investigating external avenues for funding. 

Facilitate the incorporation of environmental education into the school curriculum through presentations and resource kits

The Environmental Strategy and Programs Team are able to deliver workshops and presentations on a variety of environmental topics relevant to the stage level of students, at a school or preschool's request.

The following environmental education kits are also currently available for use by schools in their curriculum and the community:

  • A Sense of Place in Maitland - This online kit provides information on Maitland’s natural and cultural heritage, environmental issues and their management, and excursion opportunities to explore the local environment.
  • Let’s Cycle to School and Clear Maitland’s Air - Through information and activities this online kit  looks at the environmental benefits of cycling over using a motor vehicle.
  • Water: Our Life - Resource Kit - Through information and hands on activities this online kit aims to provide educators of younger children with a means of discussing the impact of water use and pollution.

    (Due to the range of resources that comes with this kit, it is available for loan from Council's Administration Building for a period of up to two months)


Facilitate the biennial Maitland Environmental Youth Forum

Council's biennial Youth Forum brings together students from local schools in Years 5 to 8 with environmental professionals. The Forum allows participants to partake in formal environmental presentations and hands on activities. For information on the last event, please see the Environmental Youth Forum 2018 proceedings document.

The next Forum is scheduled for 2020.

Coordinate and distribute 'The Environmental Educator' newsletter

Council distributes the Environmental Educator quarterly to all schools across the city. The newsletter provides information on topics of interest, upcoming environmental events and available grants.

Register to receive this newsletter and other environmental education information by completing the Contact Teacher Form