Walka teaching resources

Kids prepping to plant seeds at Walka Water Works

Walka for teachers

We have developed excursion resources for teachers to use at the Walka reserve which can be applied under history, science and geography.

Most opportunities are under the geography syllabus including sections on environment, landscape, flora and fauna. The science syllabus also offers opportunities in the section 'Natural Environment through understanding about the Physical World, Earth and Space' and 'Living World'.

View the full list of learning outcomes, and opportunities for active participation in the Blooms Matrix.

Teaching aids

We’ve developed numerous teaching aids to help teachers understand Walka and it’s history better.


Detailed Studies

Excursions to Walka


On site facilities have been developed to support excursions to the site. This includes:

  • A seating area for small groups at the ecology viewing platform, with seats manufactured from recycled plastic.
  • Two information signs. One is located at the pumphouse picnic area, with another located at the ecology platform (halfway around the lake trail circuit)
  • Marked viewing areas positioned around the lake trail which present the best opportunities for observing birdlife
  • Picnic areas for large and small groups near the pumphouse complex
  • Amenities near the pumphouse complex.

Discovery journal activity sheets

Walka education program

We’ve developed a suite of creative and learning activities, including our Walka Me Inspired app, such as curriculum units, powerpoints, and worksheets for teachers and students.

This project has been assisted through the NSW Heritage Grants Program.

Learning topics and activities

Unit 1: Early Settlement at Walka

Using positional language and points of the compass, students will discover where Oakhampton is, in relation to nearby suburbs. Students investigate the main uses of the land around Oakhampton prior to the Water Works being built. They also learn about the people who owned and worked on the land and the roles they all played in shaping the environment and early settlement.

Unit 2: Planning the Walka Water Works

Students will discover the different reports the men presented after their investigations of possible water sources around the Hunter Valley. Students will view an early map of the Hunter Valley and compare/contrast it with a current map of the same area, to see how far water is supplied now. Students will also view statistics regarding population growth and annual water consumption.

Unit 3: Building Walka

Students will compare and contrast building methods in the 1800s with modern day methods to understand how times have changed, largely due to the invention of machines. Safety standards have also improved. Students will become familiar with the main features needed to run the Walka Water Works.

Unit 4: The Importance of Water at Walka

Students explore the importance of water in present and past local communities, by examining the various ways water is used and developing an understanding of why access to clean water is so important.

Unit 5: Living at Walka

Students will learn about the lives of engineers Henry Walsh and Jack McLeod. Students will become familiar with the houses of Walka and their locations, as well as uncovering the reasons for their disappearance. After viewing photos of the Chief Engineer’s Residence students will have the opportunity to complete a sketch of the nineteenth century home.

Walka creative program

You are invited to Walka to discover places for quiet contemplation, opportunities to draw, photograph & listen.

Walka Water Works Me Inspired app

Listen, look and experience something new as you explore Walka Water Works. Use this app to discover places for quiet contemplation, opportunities to draw, photograph, write & listen.

Download on the app store

Screenshots of the Walka Water Works Me Inspired app

Social stories for accessibility

Our social story template helps parents and carers to plan and prepare for visits to Walka Water Works.

We've included descriptions of the popular activities that many children and young adults enjoy when they visit. Photos are included so you don't have to visit the site in advance. You can also modify the template to suit your needs.

Walka music

Original music compositions have been created for Walka Water Works inspired by it's natural surroundings. Listen to the music for free via Soundcloud, or on the Walka Me Inspired app.

The Bowerbird Collective, featuring violinist Simone Slattery and cellist Anthony Albrecht, have created a series of musical works to enjoy during your visit. The music combines new and old musical compositions with nature recordings from Andrew Skeoch to create a unique and inspiring soundscapes.

Listen to Walka music via Soundcloud

Walka soundscapes

Walka has special significance as a bird habitat and is home to over 140 species. Listen to just a few of the varieties of birds and insects found at Walka in the provided soundscapes.

Listen to Walka soundscapes via Soundcloud

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