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Family having a picnic & playing soccer at Walka

Visiting Walka Water Works

The Walka reserve is open seven days a week and has on site parking, toilets, shelters, drinking water, picnic facilities, walking and cycling trails and a playground.

History of Walka

The Walka Water Supply Scheme was a major political and engineering achievement in the late 1800's. It was the first in Australia to have a water treatment system, that is, from the original river water source to the Walka lake reservoir to filtered kitchen tap water. At the time, no other in the country came close to the sophistication of the scheme.

The combination of the pumphouse polychrome brick buildings, filter beds, tanks, pipework and the lake reservoir enable the processes to be understood along with creating a site of cultural interest and outstanding beauty.

It was added to the NSW State Heritage Register in 1999, and has National Engineering Significance putting it alongside the likes of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Galleries of Walka

Historic photos of Walka

These photos show Walka Water Works throughout its history.

Technical drawings of Walka

These buildings plans can help you understand where different parts of the complex were located.

Walka education programs

Walka is a valuable asset which can be used by schools for programs seeking local sites and experiences to support Stage 2 and 3 curriculum outcomes in Science, History and Geography.

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