Historical walks and locations

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Historical locations

Explore some of our facilities that display and celebrate Maitland’s history.

Heritage walks

Maitland's rich history and heritage can be enjoyed through a number of walks and self driving experiences. For more information visit the My Maitland website.

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The tour is also available on the 'Maitland Walks' App, which can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play.


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Morpeth Heritage Walk

The Morpeth Heritage Walk takes participants on a journey to 25 significant sites in the town, and tells the story of Morpeth through the eyes of key characters and through the streets and buildings that echo Morpeth’s past.

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Poverty and Prosperity Heritage Walk

This new walk takes you upon a journey through Central Maitland, to learn stories of the town’s rise and fall, of boom and bust, and of its rich and poor.

Hidden throughout Maitland lie stories of the town's rise and fall, of boom and bust, and of its rich and poor. Once the second biggest town in New South Wales, Maitland attracted many enterprising men and women who made their fortune there.

Focused in Central Maitland, this walk will take you along a journey along eleven sites, such as the 1955 flood marker and the former David Cohen & Co. Building. Each marker is filled with intriguing stories which continue to shape the city today.

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