Disposal fees

This page includes the charges for disposing of waste at the Mount Vincent Road Waste Management Centre. 

Make sure to check what your are planning to dispose isn't prohibited.

Waste typeCharges
Mixed domestic or commercial waste$385 per tonne
Mixed demolition and construction waste$385 per tonne
Asbestos (booking required)$520 per tonne
Special waste (bulky, odorous and dusty waste)$500 per tonne
Virgin excavated natural material (conditions apply)$156-$385 per tonne
Bulk Polystyrene  $2000 per tonne

The minimum fee is $14.00

Recyclable typeCharge
Electronic waste up to 17 items from Maitland householdsNo charge
Electronic waste$385 per tonne
General recyclables from Maitland households (uncontaminated and seperated)
  • Cardboard
  • Glass bottles, cans, plastic containers
  • Motor oil, gas bottles
No charge
General recyclables$385 per tonne
Scrap metal, lead acid batteriesNo charge
Fridges, freezers and air conditioners$14 per unit
Concrete, bricks, roof tiles (uncontaminated)$248 per tonne
Mattresses$31 per item
Tyres - Small (up to 600mm diameter)$7.60 each
Small tyre on rim$16 each
Tyres - Medium$44 each
Tyres - Large$87 each


Vegetation and timber
Vegetation and timber$189 per tonne

Timber must be non-treated, non-painted and without nails. The minimum fee is $7.60. 

Use of weighbridge$35

All prices include the NSW EPA Waste Levy of $141.20 per tonne and GST.