Business permits and approvals

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Piercing, tattoo, beauty and hairdressing registration

If you want to start or purchase a beauty salon, tattoo shop, hairdresser, barber shop or other businesses that conduct skin penetration procedures, you first need to find out if you need to lodge an application to gain approval by contacting Council’s Duty Planning Officer on 02 4934 9700.

Registering a business

Business that conduct skin penetration procedures must register with Council by submitting a Skin Penetration Premises Notification form.

These businesses include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Tattooing
  • Hair removal
  • Colonic lavage
  • Ear/body piercing
  • Cosmetic enhancement
  • Blood cholesterol and glucose measurement
  • Beauty treatments
Register your skin penetration business



You will need to contact Council’s Compliance Team for an inspection at least 48 hours before you plan to commence trading.

Once the business is operational, inspections are carried out sporadically, or if there’s a complaint. There are no routine inspections for hairdressers or barbers unless razor cuts or shaving procedures are conducted.

Outdoor dining approval

Maitland is one of the trial areas for free outdoor dining in NSW. You can check your eligibility and apply for outdoor dining via Service NSW.

There are five (5) requirements for having a outdoor dining area:

  • Location
    Keep all your outdoor furniture within your nominated site area and meet the location requirements of the policy.
  • Safety
    Manage the flow of your customers, staff and the general public to ensure there are no obstructions to the footpath or roadway. Address the need for your customers to restrain pets at all times.
  • Amenity
    Fulfil the requirements of any Local Amenity Statement of your local Council and ensure your outdoor dining area makes a positive contribution to the amenity of the surrounding area.
  • Function
    Maintain your outdoor furniture to ensure it is in safe working order. This includes chairs, tables, umbrellas, heating and lighting.
  • Legal & Compliance
    Manage waste and recycling, minimise noise at all times, close at the required time, fulfil any obligations you have regarding the service of alcohol, and maintain current public liability insurance at the level required by your council.

Download the outdoor dining user guide for more information.

Filming permits

Maitland is home to some outstanding and diverse locations for cinema and filming.

Council handles all film licence applications in the Maitland area.

Apply for filming or photography


Or contact Council's Business Engagement Officer directly on 0429 621 918.

Popular filming locations

Industrial areas

  • Maitland Gaol
  • Walka Water Works
  • Maitland Train Station

Rural areas

  • Anambah House
  • East Maitland Courthouse
  • Morpeth Bridge
  • Hinton Hill Farm

River areas

  • Morpeth
  • The Levee
  • Rathluba Lagoon

Register a property for short term rental

All residential dwellings in Maitland can be rented out for short term accommodation.

Registrations for short term rental accommodations are completed via the Planning Portal.

Or contact them directly on 1300 305 695.

Obligations for rental accommodation property owners

If you are interesting renting out your property for short term accommodation, you must first:

  • Register via the Planning Portal
  • Adhere to fire safety standards, and
  • Adhere to existing strata legislation and the mandatory Code of Conduct for the Short term Rental Accommodation, which outlines minimum standards of behaviour and requirements for hosts, guests, booking platforms, letting agents and facilitators.

For more information, accommodation hosts can speak to the Council's Duty Planner on 02 4934 9700.

Apply for a street stall

You need approval to hold a street stall for fundraising or other community activities.

A range of stalls can be applied for, such as a raffle tickets stall, donation collection or food goods stall. These can be set up outside of businesses or other Council land.

Apply for a street stall

Regulated systems for businesses

Cooling towers and warm water systems, known as ‘regulated systems’, are legally required to be properly installed, maintained and cleaned by building owners and occupiers. This helps stop possible Legionnaires’ disease.

All water cooling and warm water systems must be registered with Council.

Register your water system


Only a 'duly qualified' contractor can install, operate, maintain and remove regulated systems. The Office of Fair Trading licenses contractors who undertake this work.

All regulated systems are required to be equipped with an operating and maintenance manual which includes details of inspections and services performed. Manuals and records must be kept on site.

Types of regulated systems

Regulated systems include:

  • Water cooling towers (for air conditioning or industrial applications)
  • Evaporative coolers (attached to non-residential premises)
  • Humidifying systems (for agricultural or industrial applications)
  • Warm water systems (including thermostatic mixing valves in hospitals).

Regulated systems can be inspected at any time. Building occupiers who fail to meet the requirements can receive heavy fines or even imprisonment.