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Economic development covers our policies, programs, or activities that look to improve our community's economic wellbeing and quality of life. This involves fostering economic growth, creating jobs, enhancing productivity, and promoting social progress.

Future Maitland

Future Maitland is a series of activities designed to teach you about the exciting possibilities for Maitland’s economic future.

Future Maitland

Current phase

Phase Two

We are now in the second phase and we want to find out what kind of economy most aligns with your values and what is important to you.

We are preparing an Economic Development Strategy for Maitland and need input from a diverse range of people and businesses to help us create it.

Previous phases

Phase One

The first phase was all about global trends and how Maitland’s economy could evolve. 

Between August and November 2022, we held a series of thought provoking sessions with local residents, community groups, high school students, business people, councillors and Council staff.

Presented by Future State Director, James Tuma, the sessions dived into what is happening at the cutting edge of mobility, jobs, skills and innovation. From sustainability to connectivity, agriculture to clean construction, Phase One of Future Maitland explored what future scenarios could play out in Maitland. 

Aim of economic development

Economic development helps to drive prosperity and improves living standards. It helps create employment opportunities, increases incomes, enhances infrastructure, attracts investment, fosters innovation, and promotes economic resilience.

Goals and strategies

The primary goals of economic development include stimulating economic growth, reducing poverty, enhancing people and skills, attracting investment, improving infrastructure, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and achieving sustainable development.

Our strategies vary but commonly involve attracting and retaining businesses, investing in human capital and education, developing infrastructure, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting small and medium sized enterprises, and leveraging regional strengths and assets.

Our strategies focus on:

  • Creating jobs
    Economic development creates jobs by attracting new businesses, supporting the growth of existing businesses, promoting entrepreneurship, and investing in sectors with the potential for job creation. It also focuses on workforce development to match skills with job opportunities.

  • Attracting and retaining businesses
    Economic development attracts and retains businesses by improving the business climate, providing support, streamlining regulations, offering workforce training programs, and fostering a collaborative environment between businesses and government.

  • Education and workforce development
    Education and workforce development ensure a skilled and adaptable labour force that meets the needs of businesses, encourages innovation, attracts investment, and fosters economic competitiveness.

  • Infrastructure development
    Infrastructure development includes transportation networks, communication systems, energy facilities, and public utilities, and is essential for economic growth. It enhances connectivity, reduces transaction costs, improves efficiency, attracts investment, and supports the smooth functioning of businesses and industries.

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