Meet our Waste Heroes

Children looking at garbage trucks

You’ll see these colourful characters on our waste collection trucks, out and about on the streets collecting your household waste. 

Each character comes with their own inspiring ideas on how we can follow their lead, change our everyday habits and work to reduce everyday waste. 

Our Waste Heroes were created by 11 creative local schoolchildren. Find out some fun facts about each character and see who you can spy next time you spot a waste truck in your street. 

Turntable - created by Lucy from Raworth

Turntable is passionate about the planet and wants to spread the word on what we should do to turn the tables for a better future. Let’s change how we think and deal with waste. Turntable is all about finding new ways to use recycled waste, to reduce pollution and to clean the planet. Join Turntable’s mission by following the 5 R’s: Reduce, Rethink, Repair, Re-use and Recycle. 

Hobbies: Reading non fiction and cleaning everything 
Favourite song: New Day by Alison Wonderland

Waste truck with image of turntable


Hibiscus – created by Marli from Gillieston Heights

Being a waste hero is good for your elf. Hibiscus loves nature and is focused on protecting our ecosystems and plant life. She is incredibly particular about buying and using sustainable and environmentally safe products, and aspires to encourage others to do the same, because every small action we commit to makes a difference.  

Hobbies: Tending to her plants and garden, painting and listening to music
Favourite song: Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison

Garbage truck with child standing in front of artwork


Barry the Box Monster – created by Sophie from Chisholm

It’s time to think outside the box. Barry the Box Monster’s mission in life is to teach children all about the importance of waste sorting, at home and at school. Do you know what should and shouldn’t go in your red waste bin? Almost half of what we throw out, should be sorted somewhere else! 

Hobbies: Finding new boxes to live in, playing saxophone
Favourite song: Gangnam Style by Psy

Garbage truck with child standing in front of artwork


Max – created by Grace from East Maitland

Upcycle to the max by repairing your wares. Use and reuse is Max’s lesson for you. Why buy new when you can find new and creative uses for items you already own? Waste doesn’t become waste until it’s thrown out! Max knows all too well, one person’s trash is another’s treasure!  

Hobbies: Cuddles and making things from recyclables   
Favourite song: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Garbage truck with child standing in front of Max artwork


Terry Titanium – created by Mollie from Maitland 

Terry Titanium has super powers! His power is never forgetting his reusable items. Single use items are used in minutes, but destined for a lifetime in landfill. Choose instead material shopping bags, re-useable water bottles and travel mugs, non disposable wraps and straws. Why not even slow down and choose to dine in?  
Choose to re-use with Terry and banish single use plastics. 

Hobbies: Upcycling art
Favourite song: Titanium by David Guetta feat. Sia

Garbage truck with child standing in front of Terry Titanium artwork


Haste – created by Serena from Bolwarra Heights 

Haste’s quest is to avoid and reduce the generation of waste, living by the motto: ‘Act with haste, reduce waste’. Why put off to tomorrow what you can recycle today? Let’s commit to start today by acting with Haste to reduce our waste.  

Hobbies: Singing and recycling
Favourite song: Rip Rip Woodchip by John Williamson

Garbage truck with child standing in front of Haste artwork


Rocko the Rubbish Ranger – created by Blake from Raworth

Rocko is a food waste warrior! Rocko wants to encourage everyone to do better by sharing his golden rules to not letting good food go bad: buy it with thought, cook it with care, use what’s left. Rocko says, you can even make good use of your scraps by composting it for your garden.  

Hobbies: Barking at ‘tossers’ and the postman, playing hide and seek
Favourite song: We Will Rock You by Queen

Garbage truck with child standing in front of Rocko artwork


Beep Beep the Recycling Robot – created by James, Charlotte and Lilly from Rutherford

Beep boop, what to do with old electronics? Beep Beep is a bot on a mission, here to tell us to think it through and safely and responsibly dispose of our e-waste and old batteries.  

Hobbies: Sorting rubbish, making new creations from recycled products  
Favourite song: Reduce, reuse and recycle

Garbage truck with child standing in front of Beep Beep artwork


Clover – created by Chloe-May from Ashtonfield

He’s a clover, not a fighter! Clover’s calling is to promote safety around our trucks and bin collection. He needs his space, and so do we! When you pop your bins out on the kerb, be sure to leave 30cm between them, to give our drivers room to pick them up and empty them. 

Hobbies: Playing piano, collecting rubbish
Favourite song: Heal the World by Michael Jackson

Child standing in front of Clover image on garbage truck